“Very professional and got all my joints throughout my back that weren’t moving, moving in a short period of time. Got everthing I needed done. Thanks.”

Paul Swiston – Winnipeg Blue Bombers

“I had slipped on some ice and cracked my head. I thought I had a concussion. Coincidentally, that day I delivered some Avon to Dr. Mackey and she commented that I didn’t look too good. I told her about my fall and she asked if I would like to try chiropractic treatment. To be frank, I was very afraid of having my head twisted off my shoulders, but Dr. Mackey explained that she uses the gentle and painless Activator Method. It was gentle and painless and I quickly recovered. I think the world of her and continue to see her for my general good health.”

Dana, patient since 1994

“Dr. Mackey is much more than a skilled chiropractor, she is a true healer.”


“I get migraines. As long as I see Dr. Mackey at the first sign of one, I don’t get more. But if I put off seeing her, I keep getting them.”

“My whole family – husband and two teenage children – have joined me with regular visits to Dr. Mackey for good general health.”

Leanne, patient since 1997

“I used to have chronic lower back problems. I’d get a twinge and that could put me out of commission for weeks. It’s been several years since I have been treated regularly by Dr. Mackey because I no longer have back problems at all. If I overdo it physically, I just go for an adjustment and that pretty much takes care of any problems. She is a truly gifted healer.”

Bob, patient since 1998

– Kris Kolanos, Calgary Flames