Avenida Wellness is a place of healing and a resource for health and well-being. We are interested in fat loss, lipo laser, weight management and nutrition from both a professional and personal perspective because weight directly impacts the health and happiness of our patients.

Dr. Mackey’s quest for balance in her life has led her to learn about healing techniques, healthy body composition, nutritional supplements, and fitness alternatives – all of which can contribute positively to the anti-aging process.

With thousands of testimonials worldwide raving about lost inches of fat and cellulite, Avenida Wellness is proud to take part in helping everyday people regain their self-confidence. Our goal is to make enhancing your wellness and beauty affordable, convenient and life changing

Avenida Wellness & Lipo Laser Philosophy of Care

  • To honour the inborn potential of everyone to be truly healthy.
  • To care for the patient, not the disease
  • To free rather than control
  • To correct the cause, not its effect.
  • To know that doctors do not heal, only the body can heal itself

Avenida Wellness Clinic Services

Lipo Laser

When people express frustration about their struggles with losing stubborn belly fat and ‘central adiposity’, my heart goes out to them as I’ve shared that struggle for decades. That’s why our clinic staff got so excited with the revolutionary new Lipo Laser technology. Avenida Wellness Centre has an amazing, non-SECRET to share with you: Introducing the YOLO Curve LipoLaser from YOLO Medical!


We currently have two massage therapists at Avenida Chiropractic and Wellness. Both specializing in their own unique techniques.

Stress Assessment

The Metagenics Difference – Stress can take a tol on your body’s health so we have created a link to take a stress assessment. By doing this you will allow your healthcare provider to offer you specific relief. Please click on the link below and follow threw the assessment. When finished print it off and bring it into the office on your next visit.