Calgary Avenida Wellness Presents Mechanical Motion Therapy


Do you want to improve the function of your soft tissue and neuropathway? 

The ProSoft360 works to help rehabilitate the function of the neuropathways and soft tissues (including muscles, tendons, ligaments, mechanoreceptors, and proprioceptors) in order to improve the function and agility of the soft tissue.

This unique approach of delivering instrument-assisted percussion to the body’s soft tissues with simultaneous patient participation using the prescribed Mechanical Motion Therapy protocols generally produces positive change in a very short time.

The ProSoft360 therapy utilizes specific protocols very advanced to rehabilitate the neuropathways and the soft tissues with comfortable percussion combined with simultaneous patient motion. Each functions well as a stand-alone treatment, but incredibly more effective if used together as a treatment package.

Specific Computerized Therapies To Improve:

  • Balance and freedom

  • Performance

  • Shoulder

  • Lower back

  • Ribs

  • Hip/pelvis

  • Foot

  • Knee

  • Hand

  • Neck

  • Ankle

  • Elbow

  • Sports Functionality such as Golf, Hockey, Swimming… etc…

  • Improve your agility and functionality today 

$53 + gst Per Treatment

Recommended 5 Treatment Package cost of $250 + gst

Insurance coverage for these treatments are often insured through soft tissue massage coverage

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